Rugged Technologies

Warranty Procedures


Please note that we offer a minimum 1 year replacement warranty on all products.

The sole remedy for any goods failure to comply with this warranty is the replacement of the goods.
 The seller shall not be liable for consequential damages or damages other than replacement of the goods


Also note that for products where a replacement warranty applies, the customer may or may
not be required to return the defective product. However, this will be at the sole
discretion of Rugged Technologies. Should you require clarification regarding
our warranty policy please contact us.


If you are returning product for repair or replacement under warranty please be sure to do the following:


1/ Call or email Rugged Technologies,,   and obtain an RMA (Return  Merchandise Authorization) number.
RMA numbers are valid for 30 days.

2/ Clearly write your RMA number on the outside of the box or package next to the shipping label.

3/ Include a copy of the bill of sale with the returned product.

4/ Return the product in itís original packaging to Rugged Technologies
or other third party specified by Rugged Technologies.


Note - Any exception to the above policy must be approved in writing/email
by Rugged Technologies prior to return of the product.


Rugged Technologies will not be responsible for shipping or related costs nor for damage incurred if the product is not returned in it's original packaging. However, Rugged Technologies will pay for shipping to the customer of any replacement product, excluding brokerage fees and import duties/taxes incurred as a result of cross-border shipping.


When warranty service involves the exchange of the product the item replaced becomes the property of Rugged Technologies. Exchange products assume the remaining warranty period of the original product covered by this warranty.


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