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iKey SBW-97-TP Washable Wireless Keyboard


The SBW-97-TP is the first rechargeable, wireless keyboard with the unique ability to pair to a USB dongle over a 802.11G wireless frequency. Unlike traditional wireless keyboards, pairing of the SBW-97-TP does not require the user to press a button on the USB radio dongle or interact with the computer operating system. Once the USB dongle has been installed in the host computer, pairing is only a two keystroke procedure. This exclusive feature allows for a keyboard to be moved from computer to computer and paired for operation directly at the keyboard.

The SBW-97-TP is rechargeable via the provided micro USB connection and stays charged for approximately 2 weeks with regular use. Manufactured with an integrated touchpad pointing device, the SBW-97-TP offers LED indicators for pairing, battery life, and charging, and it can be mounted for added ease of use. Optional magnetic mounting is available. With a fully-sealed industrial silicone rubber pad and polycarbonate case, the SBW-97-TP is engineered for NEMA 4x specifications, making it resistant to water, dust, and compatible with hospital cleaning agents. Featuring a CleanLock™ key, the SBW-97-TP can be quickly disabled during the sanitizing process making this keyboard ideal for use in OR's, patient rooms, medical carts, and nursing stations.


iKey SBW-97-TP indicator lights


Operating systems

Windows XP to Windows 8


14.96" x 5.91" x 0.84" (w-h-d), 379.0 mm x 151.9 mm x 21.3 mm

industrial silicone rubber over ABS polycarbonate base

Weight 1.4 lbs / 0.64 kg
Interface USB 2.0, wireless RF dongle
Wireless range up to 30 ft / 9.1 m
Power wireless 802.11G RF, USB rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery. 860mAh
Pointing device touch pad with left and right click buttons
Key life greater than 10 million cycles
Operating temperature -20C to + 60C ( -4F to +140F)
Storage temperature -40C to +70C (-40F to +158F)
Clean with common industrial cleaners and healthcare disinfectants
Certifications NEMA 4X, IP 66, CE, UL60950, RoHS, FCC, HTM 01-05
Warranty 1 year, return for repair or replacement

Additional Information
SBW-97-TP technical drawing  (pdf file)

Keyboard operating guide (pdf file)

Cleaning procedures (pdf file)

Available Options

- Magnetic mounting (10 lb pull magnets embedded in base of
keyboard for attachment to metal surfaces)


SBW-97-TP-W (white) or SBW-97-TP-B (black)

United States - $385.00 USD

Add $15.00 for magnetic mounting option

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