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- All of our keyboard and mouse products are at least NEMA 4/4x and IP 54 rated and are 100% washable
and disinfectable unless otherwise noted. Suitable for industrial, marine, medical and military use.
- Due to currency fluctuations prices are subject to change without notice - please enquire for current pricing
-  We show here only a few of the input devices we offer. Please contact us if you have special requirements.
- If you are considering a large quantity purchase, for some products we can supply a commercial sample for a 30 day evaluation period.

Waterproof and Washable Keyboards

iKey EK-108-P Waterproof Keyboard with Integrated Mouse    Best Seller
EKB-108-P washable keyboard with integrated mouse A full size rigid silicone rubber latex free keyboard sealed to IP 67 - dustproof and waterproof. Resistant to all common cleaners and disinfectants. Integrated pointing device with left and right click buttons. Standard plug and play USB interface. 108 key US English layout. Can be immersed. Ideal for industrial, healthcare and marine use.

US customers only

EK-108-P keyboard - more details and pricing

BT-80-01 sealed Bluetooth keyboard for iPad iKey BT-80 Series Sealed Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboards
A mini washable Bluetooth keyboard for Windows and Android tablets.  Rechargeable internal lithium ion battery. One touch Bluetooth pairing process. Integrated hotkeys. Red led backlighting for low light conditions. Vesa mounting holes in bottom of the keyboard. Perfect for in-vehicle and hospital cart use. Rated IP 65.

US customers only

BT-80 series keyboards - more details and pricing

SBW-97-TP waterproof wireless medical keyboard iKey SBW-97-TP wireless washable medical/dental keyboard
A rechargeable RF wireless keyboard easily paired with a USB dongle using a simple key combination. Integrated USB port for charging with included USB cable. Average time between charges of 2 weeks under normal use. CleanLock key for disabling keyboard while cleaning/disinfecting.

Latex free silicone rubber keys with ABS polycarbonate base. Integrated touchpad with left and right click buttons. Rated NEMA4X. Resistant to all common detergents and hospital disinfectants. HTM 01-05 compliant.

US customers only

SBW-97-TP keyboard - more details and pricing

iKey DT-102-SS Stainless Keyboard

iKey DT-102-SS Stainless Steel Keyboard with Touchpad

A completely sealed stainless keyboard designed to meet NEMA 4X and IP66 specifications. Integrated touchpad . Low-profile stainless steel keys. PS/2 or USB configurations available. Standard mounting holes. Ideal for industrial and food processing applications.

DT-102-SS keyboard - more details and pricing

iKey stainless steel keyboard with trackball iKey DT-2000-TB Stainless Steel Keyboard with Trackball
The DT-2000-TB is constructed using a highly-rugged stainless steel case and industrial silicone rubber pad, ensuring NEMA 4X protection. The trackball pointing device is a completely sealed 38-mm laser unit, featuring a removable ball for convenient cleaning, as well as an adjustable tension ring.

114 key functionality with10 key numeric pad. 24 function keys. Available with USB or PS2 connectivity.

DT-2000-TP keyboard - more details and pricing

iKey IK-77-FSR keyboard iKey IK-77-FSR Compact Mobile Backlit Keyboard
A compact mobile keyboard that is designed for efficient use in military applications, warehouse and factory environments. Industrial silicone rubber body meets NEMA 4X specifications. This means it is resistant to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, and humidity. Mount to forklifts and other vehicles with magnetic mounting option.

Features red LED backlighting and a sensitive force sensing resister for cursor control with left and right click buttons.

US customers only

IK-77-FSR keyboard - more details and pricing

iKey IK-TR-911-TP mobile keyboards iKey IK-TR-911-TP Transformer Mobile Backlit Keyboard
Designed to fit into existing mobile mounting systems, iKey’s new Transformer Keyboard has built-in high-speed USB hubs and modular options to accommodate multiple custom configurations, making this the ideal all-in-one, on-the-go solution. These rugged keyboards are built for use in EMS, police and service vehicles. The Transformer Keyboard is also fully sealed and is resistant to dirt, dust and spills that can ruin most keyboards

Mobile mounting holes, integrated touchpad and red backlighting. One touch emergency key. Operational to -20 C (-4F)

IK-TR-911-TP keyboards - more details and pricing

BLH rugged illuminated mobile keyboard TG3 Electronics BLH Series Ruggedized Washable Backlit Keyboard    Best Seller
Sealed integrated pointing device. Adjustable red LED backlighting. Silicone rubber overmolded keys on an ABS plastic base. Vesa standard mounting holes on back. NEMA 4 rated. UL approved. Meets MIL STD 810.Operating temperature -40 C to +70 C.

An ideal keyboard for emergency vehicle and other mobile applications.

BLH keyboard - more details and pricing

TG3 BLTX full travel mobile backlit keyboard TG3 Electronics KBA-BLTX Series Full Travel Mobile Keyboard
Low cost, rugged mobile keyboard. Sealed against water intrusion (Mil Std 810). Tactile full travel key switches with 8 levels of dimmable red backlighting. Splash proof touchpad with 2 sealed mouse buttons. Multiple standard mounting options.

Embedded multi-media functionality. Coiled or straight cable.

KBA-BLTX keyboard - more details and pricing

TG3 Electronics KBA Small Form Factor Backlit Sealed Rubber Keyboard
Mini 11" 82 key keyboard with polycarbonate base and rubber over molded keypad. Full travel keys with good tactile feedback. Resistant to common cleaners and disinfectants.
Nema 4/4x rated. UL and FCC approved.

An ideal keyboard solution where space is limited. Available in white or black.

KBA keyboard - more details and pricing

Man and Machine Really Cool Waterproof Medical Grade Keyboard
Really Cool medical keyboard Totally encased in tight fitting silicone rubber (latex free) and sealed to IP68 against dust and liquids the Really Cool rigid waterproof keyboard is the ultimate keyboard solution for medical and laboratory environments. Resistant to common cleaning solutions and disinfectants. Sized for keyboard trays. Also available in white. Canadian multilingual layout available. 

Really Cool keyboard - more details and pricing

SlimCool Keyboard - black Man and Machine Slim Cool Waterproof Keyboard

A 12 inch mini version of the Really Cool keyboard shown above. An ideal washable solution for areas where a small footprint is required. Available in black or white.
Canadian multilingual version also available.

Slim Cool keyboard - more details and pricing

Slim Cool + washable keyboard Man and Machine Slim Cool Plus Waterproof Keyboard    Best Seller
The Slim Cool keyboard shown above with an integrated touch pad and and right and left click buttons. Canadian multilingual version also available. Available in black or white.

Slim Cool Touch keyboard - more details and pricing

Man and Machine Really Cool Touch Waterproof Medical Keyboard
A waterproof silicone rubber (latex free) keyboard resistant to commercial detergents and disinfectants. Integrated 3 button touch pad. USB plug and play. Available in black or white.

Really Cool Touch - more details and pricing

Man and Machine Mobile Keyboard
A rugged keyboard built especially for in-vehicle use. Latex-free silicone rubber overmolded design. Infinitely adjustable red backlighting with touch pad pointing device. AMPS and VESA mounting holes. Sealed and lockable for cleaning. Excellent tactile feedback even with gloves on. Manufacturer replaceable cable. Oil resistant.

So Cool keyboard - more details and pricing

Econo Keys EKB-97-TP washable illuminated keyboard Econo-Keys EKSB-97-TP Washable Backlit Keyboard   Best Seller
The EKSB-97-TP is a 15" full-size rigid keyboard with the added convenience of a built-in touchpad and green backlighting. It's fully sealed keys, touchpad and number pad meet IP67 standards to be resistant to dirt, debris and water. Easily withstands medical and industrial environments, along with repeated cleaning procedures.

US customers only.

EKSB-97-TP keyboard - more details and pricing

Indukey KG19269 Medical Grade Keyboard    Best Seller
A clinical/medical grade keyboard fully enclosed in tight fitting latex free silicone rubber. Sealed to IP 68 (submersible). Resistant to all common cleaners and hospital approved disinfectants - just spray and wipe.

Excellent key feel and tactile response. Compact at only 14.5 in (385 CM) wide it is suitable for carts and areas where space is scarce. Economically priced.

KG19269 keyboard - more details and pricing

Indukey KG20233 Medical Grade Keyboard with Touchpad    Best Seller
Similar to the KG19269 medical keyboard shown above with integrated touchpad with left and right click keys. Clean mode key disables keyboard during cleaning.

KG20233 keyboard - more details and pricing

Indukey wireless waterproof keyboard Indukey KG19280 Wireless Waterproof Keyboard with Touchpad
A 2.4 GHz RF wireless keyboard with integrated touchpad. Encased in latex free silicone rubber it is protected to IP 68 against water and common industrial cleaners and healthcare disinfectants. Just spay and wipe to clean.

82 keys using scissor mechanisms for excellent tactile feel and feedback. A special coating on the keys provides extra protection against harsh cleaning agents.

KG19280 wireless keyboard - more details and pricing

Indukey compact medical keyboard Indukey KG20231 Smart Compact Medical Grade Keyboard   Best Seller
Similar to the Indukey KG19269 keyboard above but a smaller footprint for areas where space is limited. Only 12 in (30.5 cm) wide. Also incorporates a clean mode key to disable the keyboard during cleaning/disinfection so that the keyboard does not have to be disconnected from the computer.

KG20231 keyboard - more details and pricing

Indukey KG19221 waterproof keyboard Indukey KG19221 Medical/Industrial Keyboard    Best Seller
Latex free silicone overmolded keys with touch pad with plastic base. Rated IP 68 (submersible). Vesa bore holes in base for mounting. Special coating over keys for increased resistance to chemicals and cleaners. Enhanced tactile feedback keys.

Certified to DIN EN 60601 as a medical device. "Clean key" to disable keyboard while cleaning.

KG19221 keyboard - more details and pricing

Other Indukey Brand Keyboards and Pointing Devices
In addition to the Indukey keyboards shown above we are an authorized supplier of the complete line of Indukey industrial and medical keyboards and pointing devices. We would be happy to quote on any Indukey product. Please follow these links for the product(s) that may interest you (pdf)
Foil covered industrial keyboards   Rugged Flat Keyboards  Explosion Protected Industrial Keyboards
Washable and Disinfectable IP 68 Clinical Keyboards  Stainless Steel and Carbon Keyboards
Silicone Rubber Sealed Keyboards  Full Travel Keys Desktop Keyboards  Pointing Devices

   iKey Brand Rugged Input Peripherals
Rugged Technologies is an authorized dealer for iKey, a leading manufacturer of rugged keyboards and other input peripherals for the industrial, medical, military and oem markets. We offer competitive pricing on all iKey products and would be happy to help you find the best solution for your needs. Please contact us for a quote on any iKey product.


iKey keyboards - go to

iKey pointing devices - go to
Please note - for our US customers we offer direct shipping from iKey in Austin, Texas for any order quantity.
For our Canadian customers minimum order quantities may apply. Please contact us for more information.

Washable Mice
MightyMouse 5 waterproof mouse - white

Man and Machine Mighty Mouse 5 Waterproof Scroll Mouse

Sealed to IP68 and 100% overmolded with a tough latex-free silicone rubber the Mighty Mouse 5 is the ideal washable mouse for any environment. Three buttons on top provide for scroll and scroll lock. Comfortable ergonomic design. Two year replacement warranty. Available in black or white.



Mighty Mouse 5 - more details and pricing

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